Why Bopal?

A luxurious home away from the hustle and bustle of the highly congested, expensive city? it is Bopal S.P. (Sardar Patel) Ring Road, of course.

Provided with wider well-lighted road for ease of accessibility, open spaces and cheaper rates, this is the new destination for those who are dreaming of a home.

In the last few months, Bopal’s look has changed a lot. The development of S.G. highway has brought in a lot of attention to this area. Most of the places here are packed and the pricing are rising day by day.

And according to property dealers and builders, the number of people who want to buy or have already bought a piece of residential land in the area has increased. There are also people who have just bought land / plot / house for investments and might be selling when the read estate markets are booming.

The reasons are very obvious. From comparatively lower land rates to the infrastructural development to future growth prospects.

The facilities are there for all to see. For example the road leading from SG highway towards Bopal which has been converted into a four lane road and provided with street lights. Also people living here no longer have to run for their daily needs to S.G. road as many shopping malls have opened up in and around Bopal / S.P. Ring Road.

Apart from easy of accessibility, the desire to live in an own independent house that too seem to be attracting people to this side of the city. For Kuntal, a resident of Vasna, buying a twin duplex bungalow in Bopal was a well-thought-out decision.

“I managed to get a fully furnished bungalow for Rs 37 lakh about six months back. And already the prices have gone up to Rs 55 lakhs,” says Kuntal.

Amit Dubal informs that they have seen a increase in the number of inquires more from the middle income sections of society. “The land prices are affordable at Rs 6,800 to 9,000 per sq yard. So people who don’t have the funds but still want to live in a 3bhk twin bungalow are the ones who are heading there.”

The recent widening of roads is a result of Auda’s new town planning schemes. “Lots of bungalows schemes and societies have developed, which is why residents living in Bopal wouldn’t find the stretch lonely anymore.

However uncontrolled construction has lead to congestion in a couple of years. Also the local panchayat which is overseeing the development has left out important aspects like a systematic drainage system, which is why it has not being growing at the same pace as of now. AUDA has recently proposed a development plan for BOPAL. Also many surrounding areas around Bopal towards S.P Ring road are now under focus of AUDA development.

“It is the future development area and would definitely give returns in the next couple of years.”


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